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Our products are currently being sold in over 50 retail locations around the US! We would love to work with you to grow your product offerings with our North African stoneware with its stunning modern design.


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A Note from our Founder -

As a small business owner who believes deeply in connecting the beauty of North Africa to American households, I look forward to helping you succeed in your small business.  Let’s work together for the good of your community and for those who make our products, creating something beautiful from their hearts and the gifts of skilled hands.  Connect with me today!
Paul Leary

Doing Business with Carthage.Co

  • Began selling through our website in September, 2017
  • Over 10,000 direct to consumer and drop ship orders to April, 2024
  • Custom product development with Wedding rental companies and restaurants
  • Wedding registry business through our website and
  • Willing to partner on Pop-Up Sales and partner promotions to benefit our brand and yours

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