Since 2017, has maintained a simple yet incredibly important mission, to help keep timeless North African traditions alive by making beautiful stoneware available for tables around the world. Recently, through the relationships we’ve developed in Tunisia, we’ve expanded our offerings to include rugs, shopping totes, and more. These products are all ethically sourced and produced in partnership with local artisans.

During the holiday season, we find ourselves especially grateful.  We are grateful for these talented artisans who produce our goods, our loyal customers who have always believed in us, and the retail partners who have played such a significant role in shaping into what it is today and the way it continues to grow.

The past year posed challenges for, yet it proved to be an inspiring period. On the North American front, some of our retail partners faced difficulties, resulting in a decline in sales. However, amidst these challenges, we find encouragement in the establishment of new and flourishing relationships in Tunisia, particularly with various artisans, notably underemployed women. is excited to offer women employment opportunities that were previously unavailable to them. By creating beautiful products that seamlessly align with American lifestyles, these artisans not only transform their own lives but also impact the well-being of the families they support. This endeavor is significant not only for our business but also as an avenue to deepen our understanding of the individuals we collaborate with, recognizing them as crucial contributors to our success.

A timeless tradition
An incredible group of craftspeople in a workshop in Tunisia brings you our stoneware. These artisans hand-finish dishes made from local materials, applying unique and beautiful natural glazes. We owe our ability to offer such remarkable stoneware to their knowledge and expertise. Many of these individuals have dedicated over 20 years to this Tunisian business. Our Berber rugs and tote bags exemplify this tradition and creative impulse.

A loyal fan club
It is rare for a small business to find the following we have while holding true to its values from the beginning. We’d like to especially thank that core group of truly loyal fans who will be featuring our stoneware on their tables this holiday season as well as gifting it to our loved ones. Thank you for spreading the word about us every chance you get, helping to create more members of the fan club!

unfinished carthage stoneware in Tunisia
carthage pitcher and bowls
Shopping local, shopping small
This year, we expressed our gratitude to our retail partners through a blog post, aiming to increase the presence of our stoneware in various stores. However, our primary focus was on expressing appreciation to the small local shops that carry products. As an predominantly online retailer, we recognize the significant impact that the ability to touch and feel our products can have on some of our customers. We appreciate the connections being forged between our retail partners and the new fans they are contributing to creating.

As we close 2023, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our friends in Tunisia, our dedicated retail partners, and our wonderful customers. Your steadfast support has truly been a blessing. As we eagerly anticipate 2024, we are filled with gratitude for the ongoing journey we share.