At, we’re proud to help keep traditions alive as part of the local economy of the beautiful region where we source our products. We now offer a limited number of unique, handwoven Berber rugs.


For the Berber people in the mountain villages of Tunisia, life has remained relatively unchanged over thousands of years: people make a difficult living off of a barren land, with women still working mostly domestic tasks. Rugmaking, a skill passed down through countless generations, is a form of storytelling. The Berber women spin yarn shorn from local sheep, and using handmade looms in their homes, they weave the rugs into patterns they’ve learned from generations before, into designs that incorporate symbols recounting stories from millenia of Berber life. The dyes that give the rugs their vibrant come from natural substance from the environment, while the white, black and brown rugs reflect the colors of the sheep dotting the landscape.

KEEPING TRADITIONS ALIVE has partnered with a Tunisian cooperative to support efforts to bring Berber rugs to the international market. This gives us a chance to make these incredible handwoven creations available to American homes, but more importantly, it provides a source of income to the women who possess this valuable skill and helps keep it alive for generations to come. Because it is an entirely human operation, no two rugs are alike. As an accent on a wall or on the floor, these wholly unique rugs will be the focal point or the finishing touch of any room, and each one has an amazing story to tell.