In the realm of artisanal stoneware, Carthage stands out as a beacon of quality and craftsmanship. Lisa, one of Carthage’s cherished customers, graciously shares her delightful experience with the company. Her words paint a vivid picture of a brand that goes beyond creating products – it cultivates connections.

Lisa’s overall experience with Carthage is nothing short of excellent. She shares that she has ordered several pieces and only one time there was a piece that arrived broken. When this happened, she says it was replaced right away with a personal note from Paul, the owner. “Despite ordering online, it feels like you’re dealing with real people building a company they care about,” Lisa shares. And she’s right!

Customer Lisa with her Dadasi serving bowl from Carthage.Co

When asked about her favorite Carthage piece, Lisa mentions her sage Dadasi serving bowl. This particular piece reflects not only the aesthetic appeal of Carthage’s designs but also the personalized connection customers develop with their chosen items.

One notable aspect that exceeded Lisa’s expectations is the durability of Carthage’s stoneware. Using her pieces every day, she attests to their resilience, proudly stating that they have shown no signs of chips or wear. This durability adds a practical and enduring quality to the already remarkable aesthetic.

Lisa’s journey with Carthage began with the discovery of their bowls in a quaint shop in Langley, WA. Intrigued by the styles, she sought out the brand’s website and was pleased to find a diverse range of designs, each accompanied by a rich history and a commitment to product quality. The distinct, earthy, and organic quality of the styles drew her in, and the manageable variety offered allowed her to mix and match colors and styles to suit her preferences. The reasonable prices further enabled Lisa to transform her everyday dishware into a collection that feels beautiful and far from ordinary.


What sets Carthage apart for Lisa is not just the exceptional quality and unique designs but also the brand’s commitment to providing a choice without overwhelming customers. The ability to customize, mix and match, and create a dishware collection that stands out became a significant factor in her decision to choose Carthage.

LaMarsa Fruit Plate and Zaghwan Cereal Bowl

Lisa enjoys the ability to mix and match pieces in her Carthage collection for a unique look for her table. Pictured are the LaMarsa Fruit PlateZaghwan Cereal Bowl, LaMarsa Dinner Plate, and LaMarsa Dessert Plate. Each piece is in a different color and glaze, making a beautiful and unique presentation for Lisa’s table.

Using her Carthage stoneware every day has become a delightful ritual for Lisa. It’s not just about functionality; it’s about elevating the everyday dining experience. When asked if she would recommend Carthage’s products and services, Lisa responds with a resounding “yes.” She cites the superior quality, appealing style, reasonable pricing, and outstanding customer service as reasons to highly recommend Carthage. To her, it’s an unbeatable combination that makes Carthage more than just a brand; it’s a go-to destination for those seeking sophisticated, elegant, customizable dishware that is both unique and affordable.

In her parting words, Lisa describes Carthage as, “a great place for anyone looking to embrace sophisticated and elegant dishware that is unique so it’s not like everyone else’s dishes. And, the dishes hold up well with daily use.” 

Carthage, for Lisa, is more than a brand; it’s a delightful journey into the world of handcrafted stoneware, where every piece tells a story of artistry, connection, and the joy of elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary.