In recent years, matte finish on dinnerware has become very popular. However, some people have noticed that there are some challenges that come with a matte finish on plates – namely, what to do about the small scratches that appear with use.

So, what’s the best stoneware glaze for your dining table? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons in this decision.


At, we offer a matte finish in three colors – Chalk, Basalt, and Pita – which are a white, black, and tan clay color, respectively.

People love matte finishes because of the way the color of the dinnerware is uncomplicated by any shiny finish. Since a glossy finish is normally associated with the formality of porcelain, the matte finish has an appealing, everyday look with a refreshing simple beauty.

As we have used matte-finish plates over the years, we can testify to the fact that these plates will develop some scratches over time, especially when using steak knives on dinner plates. We have found a product called Matte Restorer with a soft scrub abrasive that removes these scratches and even enhances the sheen of the matte plate over time, almost like polishing. You don’t need to use it often, just as frequently as is important to you based on your use. We just use a small amount with a green abrasive pad like Scotch Brite, and the scratches are easily removed.

We’ve interacted with a number of our customers over the years, and some of them just can’t handle scratching on their plates. If you like simple maintenance and are going to easily notice blemishes on your dishes, a matte finish might not be the choice for you. While it’s great for serving dishes and decorative elements in your home, it might not work for plates you are using every day.


At, we offer a variety of glazes with a gloss finish – Adriatic, Pearl, Amber, Pale Jade, Muslin, Desert, Sage, and Rose.

We fire the glossy glaze harder to make it more durable. It also has a shine that is visible from a distance, so people often associate it with a more formal table setting. It is much more scratch resistant than a matte finish and will keep its look over a longer period of time. Eventually the gloss glaze will show wear as well, but it could be after 10 years of use, at a time when you may be ready to replace your plates anyway.

So, the choice comes down to a simple question – do you want simple beauty that require some basic care and maintenance? Get plates with a matte finish and enjoy your choice for the look you want. If you want low maintenance, you’ll find it easier to care for plates with a glossy finish.