Zaghwan retail stoneware We do our best to convey the beauty of our ethically sourced, North African-produced stoneware through our website, but we’re old-fashioned: we’d like you to be able to hold it in your hands. No image can show you how it feels to hold our plates and bowls or the way our beautiful, natural glazes really hit the eye.

That’s why we’re proud to see small businesses across North America display and sell our stoneware products to their neighbors and tourists. We love to see the creative displays these businesses use to show off the unique beauty of stoneware, making the products their own.

We’ve found that some of our best customer relationships have started with them stumbling on the Dadasi collection in a beachside kitchen shop, or them finding the La Marsa pitcher tucked away in a downtown flower shop. Fortunately, when they fell in love with, we were here for them to help supply more beautiful stoneware for their table and as gifts for their families and friends. In other words: we’re a small business too, and we have seen the buying power of small businesses.


We welcome you to check out our retail partners page. There might be a store near you that carries stoneware, so you can drop by, support local, AND experience the beauty our products for yourself. And if there’s no shop near you yet, we strongly encourage you to reach right out to us at and give us the name and contact information of your favorite local shop (maybe even your own business!) and we’ll see if we would be a good fit for their shelves!