In the heart of vibrant village of Hamtramck,  surrounded by Detroit’s hustle and bustle, lies Woodward Throwbacks. It’s a haven for those seeking eco-conscious furnishings with character. Co-Founder and Head of Design, Bo Shepherd, recently spoke to us here at Carthage.Co about her store and how our handmade stoneware fits in with her vision. 

At Carthage.Co, we’ve always been passionate about sustainability and quality craftsmanship. So, when we discovered Woodward Throwbacks and their dedication to breathing new life into reclaimed materials, we knew we had found a kindred spirit. Woodward Throwbacks is a sustainable design studio, creating furniture and interiors using reclaimed materials. Their retail arm, Throwbacks Home, serves as a showcase for their meticulously crafted furniture, along with a curated selection of home furnishings ranging from seating and decor to vintage clothing and art. We are honored to have our handmade stoneware products, made in Tunisia, featured in this inspiring space, where each piece tells a story of preservation and creativity.

Carthage.Co Basalt Pitcher

Bo Shepherd shared her initial impressions of Carthage.Co’s products, saying, “I loved the look of the products, but once we actually had them in store, I really fell in love with the quality!” It’s this fusion of aesthetics and durability that forms the backbone of our collaboration.

Since introducing Carthage.Co’s products to their store, Bo reports an overwhelmingly positive response from customers. “Our customers really like Carthage,” she says, “and we have had a few even come back for more sets.” It’s heartening to see our commitment to quality and sustainability resonating with their clientele.


To showcase Carthage.Co’s products in the best possible light, Woodward Throwbacks employs strategic staging techniques throughout their store. By integrating our stoneware dinnerware sets into their dining room table displays, they help customers envision how our pieces can seamlessly enhance their homes. A stylish side table pairing our LaMarsa pitcher and coffee mugs, adorned in our elegant matte Basalt glaze, enhances a living space shown in the store. 

At Carthage.Co, we enjoy collaboration with retailers. Our partnership with Woodward Throwbacks exemplifies our dedication to fair trade, artistic design, and quality craftsmanship. Together, we’re not just selling products; we’re telling stories, preserving artistry, and shaping a more sustainable future.

If you find yourself in the Detroit area, we invite you to visit Woodward Throwbacks. Experience firsthand the magic of reclaimed materials and discover the timeless elegance of Carthage.Co’s products. Be sure to follow the store on Instagram (@WoodwardThrowbacks) and visit their website ( to stay updated on their latest collaborations and offerings. stoneware at Woodward Throwbacks Detroit

Here’s to a future where sustainability and style go hand in hand, and where every purchase tells a story worth sharing.


Woodward Throwbacks

11500 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck MI 48212

732.865.2597  |

Products Shown: 

LaMarsa Dinner Plates (Basalt and Sage shown)

LaMarsa Goblets, Basalt

La Marsa Pitcher, Basalt

La Marsa Coffee Mug, Basalt

La Marsa Salad Plates, Basalt

La Marsa Fruit Plate, Chalk

The LaMarsa collection has several sets available in several glazes. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at info@Carthage.Co