LaMarsa handmade stoneware dinner set
Basalt lamarsa stoneware pitcher

Available in sixteen different glazes, our customers love the ability to coordinate with their other Carthage pieces, gift to loved ones and display in their homes.

The Zaghwan Dinner Platter:

Customers adore our stoneware dinner platter for its edgy and bold design, appreciating its captivating beauty and practical functionality. This coordinates well with all Carthage.Co sets. The platter is available in seven different signature Zagwhan glazes that each add a unique touch, while the rounded shape with an earthen rim brings out tones reminiscent of natural clay. It’s the perfect combination of striking aesthetics and functionality that resonates with those seeking both style and substance in their dining experience.

6 Piece La Marsa Dinner Set:

The 6-piece La Marsa Dinner Set, available in 11 different colors and glazes, is a harmonious blend of artistic flair and everyday practicality. The 6-piece set includes a dinner plate, dessert plate, bread plate, salad plate, fruit plate, and stoneware goblet. Each piece within this set reflects’s commitment to creating hand-crafted pieces that enhance the dining experience. Whether hosting a grand dinner party or enjoying a quiet meal with loved ones, this dinner set adds a touch of luxury to every occasion. The La Marsa stoneware dishes set also comes in a 4-piece option, which includes the dinner plate, dessert plate, bread plate, and stoneware goblet.


The La Marsa Pitcher

The La Marsa Pitcher from seamlessly blends style and utility, capturing customers’ hearts with its versatile functionality and striking aesthetics. With a subtly tapered handle and artistically curved rim, pouring becomes a seamless experience. Customers appreciate their modern yet classic appeal, whether paired with La Marsa plates for a cohesive look or showcased solo as an ethically sourced and handmade accent piece. Beyond serving beverages, these pitchers have become beloved for their ability to effortlessly elevate spaces, whether adorned with flowers or used as stylish decor.

The Dadasi Serving Bowl:

Customers love the Dadasi serving bowl for its unique wavy curves that make it a standout at dinner parties as well as the family table.  Available in four colors, this is the handmade stoneware bowl a Carthage.Co customer, Lisa from Washington State, shared as a favorite piece in our recent blog, “Customer Connection.” Its generous size is perfect for serving special salads or favorite dinners to loved ones. It’s just the right blend of style and practicality; the perfect centerpiece for every meal. 

The Loaf Pan:

Customers rave about our handmade stoneware loaf pan that, like all of our pieces, aligns seamlessly with ethical consumerism standards. It has become the go-to choice for families due to its exceptional qualities. Crafted from kiln-fired stoneware, this loaf pan guarantees an easy bake with uniform browning, catering to both novice and experienced bakers. Its thoughtful design ensures every loaf emerges from the oven in ideal shape and consistency. What sets it apart is our signature glazes (five different glazes to choose from) on the handmade stoneware bakeware, not only enhancing the aesthetics but also facilitating a swift and hassle-free cleanup. Enjoy your treats with more time on your hands, thanks to the unmatched appeal and functionality of our signature loaf pan. stands out in the world of handmade craftsmanship, offering ethically sourced materials, fair trade practices for craftsmen, and a commitment to ethical consumerism. These customer favorites, the 6 Piece La Marsa Dinner Set , the La Marsa Pitcher, the Dadasi Serving Bowl, the Zaghwan Dinner Platter, and the Loaf Pan, are handpicked treasures that seamlessly blend art and utility, making them cherished favorites among our customers.